From the Bean to the Bar, the journey to the final product is a fascinating and compelling one and our dream is to make chocolate that celebrates its origin and story.

Our journey started after purchasing a small coffee roaster to roast our own coffee and soon discovered there are an amazing depth and range of tastes and flavours to be achieved from not just coffee beans but cacao beans sourced from across the globe.  

It was the beans from the mountainous region of Santander in the north-east of Colombia that won our hearts and led us to visit the growers in Colombia in 2017.

Our trip and experience of the country, people and growers had such a strong impact on us that it was the catalyst for us to strive towards only working with suppliers that we have established a direct trade relationship.

This approach is central to our business and the proof of its success is in the great taste of our award-winning chocolate.  

- Enjoy!

2017 Chokamour

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Handcrafted from scratch in Melbourne
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